Our Vision

CreatedBy_ is on a mission to revolutionize how physical goods are designed, owned and recirculated for a sustainable future. 🌳 Our groundbreaking platform empowers creators to maintain ownership over their product journeys by seamlessly connecting the real and digital worlds. Through blockchain tokenization and NFC technology, we enable radical transparency from ethical sourcing all the way to conscious upcycling. This hyper-connected model fosters a circular product lifecycle, reducing waste while increasing brand engagement and customer loyalty. At our core, CreatedBy_ puts the power back into the hands of creators – allowing them to authenticate their work, share compelling stories, and cultivate an ecosystem of conscious consumption. We envision a world where every good is a “360° Circular Connected Good” grounded in its immutable digital identity on the blockchain. This level of unprecedented transparency will reshape entire industries, aligning product design with planetary renewal instead of depletion. Join us as we co-create a future built on circularity, ownership, and Web3 innovation!

The Team

We are an experienced, passionate, visionary, and diverse team with over 20 years of combined expertise in fashion, retail, technology, and data analytics. For the past 6 years, we have been pioneering research and development of smart apparel and RFID/NFC technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our team has a proven track record of success, having previously developed mobile applications and SaaS solutions for global retail inventory management. With our deep knowledge of the fashion industry, including trend forecasting for major brands and associations, as well as apparel manufacturing, we are uniquely positioned to drive innovation in connected 360° circular fashion. Our mission is to empower creators to authenticate and activate their physical and digital goods across realms, fostering radical transparency and conscious consumption. 💫

Tom Wallace – The Connector In Chief

AJ Jackson – The Partnership Connector

Kathleen Gasperini – Communications and Sustainability Connector


Bradley Feldman – The Tech Connector

Lisa Kolb – Connected Advisor