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In the News

July 10, 2024: What Happens in Part 2 of 360-Circular Connected Apparel? CreatedBy_ reveals next steps in their latest partnership with Wonder Raw & MINTangible – In this blog, we trace the second-half of the 360-circularity journey that is currently underway this summer with CreatedBy_ and our collaboration with Wonder Raw and MINTangibleRead More

May 17, 2024: MINTangible Digitally Connected Goods Case Study with CreatedBy – Be sure to watch how we did our 360 Circular- digital connected goods Case Study.  Read More

April 25, 2024: Metaverse Fashion Council Magazine, CREATEDBY_ PIONEERS 360 SUSTAINABLE CIRCULARITY – CreatedBy_ the pioneering platform enabling true 360-degree circular sustainable fashion, film, and art, announced a revolutionary case study and brand partnership.  Read More

April 13, 2024: – Beauty and Fashion Brands Use Web3 Technology To Better Engage With Consumers – Before the emergence of Web3, brands primarily relied on Web2 channels, such as social media, to connect with consumers. In fact, recent statistics show that 77 percent of businesses use social media to reach customers.  Read More


Press Releases:

April 22, 2024: CreatedBy_ Pioneers Fashion’s First-Ever True 360 Sustainable Circularity with Radical Transparency & Connected Fashion. Los Angeles, CA – CreatedBy_ in partnership with Wonder Raw and MINTangilbe is proving the power of 360-Circular Connected Goods all encoded into CreatedBy_ Connect and NFC Tags for traceability, sourcing, manufacturing, with validation, IP & usage rights, creator/owner engagement & upcycling. Read More

January 8, 2024: CreatedBy_ to Showcase the Future of Fashion Sustainability with NFC Connected Apparel at CES 2024, Las Vegas. Los Angeles, CA – CreatedBy_ Teams-up with Rethink Fabrics and DCRBN to showcase the power of Connected Goods with the #BillionBottleChallenge of Recycling Plastics into Apparel with Circular Connected Product Engagement Experiences Powered By CreatedBy_ Connect and NFC Tags. Read More

November 7, 2023: CreatedBy_ Partners with CineBlock for the First Connected Digital Twin of Iconic, Collectible Movie Memorabilia. Los Angeles, CA – CineBlock Utilizes CreatedBy­, Ramping-up the Film Industry’s Potential of Prop Assets in the Circular Economy while Increasing Transparency and Sales. Read More

October 17, 2023: CreatedBy_ Launches Attributes for Connected Goods to Create Deep Storytelling, Enhanced Activations, Traceability, and More. Los Angeles, CA – Today, CreatedBy_ the innovative platform for circular sustainable connected fashion, design, and art, announces the first-ever custom attributes for storytelling, activations, and traceability for connected goods and products. Read More

July 5, 2023: Fashion Brands, Artists, Photographers Switching to the Future with Proof of Sustainability Via NFC Connected Goods. Los Angeles, CA – Today, CreatedBy_, the innovative platform for circular sustainable connected fashion, accessories, and art, is diving into slow fashion and the need for sustainable fashion rental and resale tracking options. Read More

June 7, 2023: Fashion Proof of Sustainability Via NFC Connected Goods – Encrypted Product ID’s = Circular Economy, Transparency, Sales – Los Angeles, CA –This week started with World Environment Day (which should be every day), and inspired us to highlight the need for fashion sustainability within a transparent and circular economy. The lifecycle of your fashion brand means that you can track counterfeiting, which
recently happened to Patagonia with Nordstrom Rack selling knock-offs. The Nordstrom Rack Patagonia T-shirts had tags saying 100% recycled, when the garments should have had the Fair Trade Logo and 100% Organic Cotton symbol. Read More

May 4, 2023: Sustainable Fashion Just Got a Web3 Circular Solution & Authentication by CreatedBy_ – Tractable Ownership for Designers and Brands in a Connective, Sustainable Ecosystem – Los Angeles, CA – Today, CreatedBy_, the innovative platform for circular sustainable connected fashion, has launched the CreatedBy_Connect iOS app and tag store empowering designers and brands to connect, authenticate, and activate their physical and digital goods In the Real World (IRL), Web3, and the Metaverse, using a mobile phone. CreatedBy_ Connect creates an encrypted product ID and ability to program lifecycles for products, where they are designed, produced, used, and ultimately recycled or upcycled in an eco-friendly system. Read More

February 13, 2023: CreatedBy_to Debut Circular Connected Ecosystem at MAGIC Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV CreatedBy_Connect, the innovative platform for sustainable circular fashion, will make its debut at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV. This event will provide an opportunity for attendees to experience the future of the fashion industry through a new and connected circular ecosystem. Read More