A key to the future of sustainable circular fashion requires an ongoing connection between the creator and owner. In knowing the who, what, when, and where of the connected good’s lifecycle and building responsible lifecycle programs as utility from cradle-to-grave and on to future next goods created by recycling & upcycling programs.

CreatedBy_ is the solution to creating truly 360 circularity, a 360 Circular Connected “Product Engagement Experience” for each individual good produced – from Materials >Production > Good #1 > Retail > Sale > Customer lifecycle #1 > Resale > Customer lifecycle #2 > Upcycle/Recycle >Good #2 > Repeat.

Sustainable Circular Fashion is designed and produced with the goal of reducing waste and promoting sustainability. This can be achieved through various means, such as using sustainable materials, creating digital samples, implementing eco-friendly production processes, and designing garments that can be easily repaired, upcycled, or recycled..

The future of sustainable circular fashion will involve the use of recycling and upcycling to create new garments from old ones. This will reduce the environmental impact of fashion production and create a closed-loop system in which waste is minimized.

Our CreatedBy_ Connected Goods Ecosystem for encrypted authentication and verified ownership of in real life and digital goods is focused on providing a service and standard for brand and owner circular connected sustainability and upcycling though industry and brand partnerships.

Using CreatedBy_ NFC Tags – Embedded in fashion and encoded with encrypted NFT (Non-Fungible Token) data creates sustainable and circular fashion by enabling the tracking and reuse of garments throughout their life-cycles.

Circular Connected fashion can be used to provide recycling and upcycling programs from the creator to the current owner even after items are sold on secondary markets to a new owner. Once a garment is no longer wanted or needed, or completed its lifecycle, the scanning of the CreatedBy_ NFC Tag on the physical good accesses the associated NFT utility, programs and information developed by the creator for its upcycling or recycling opportunities. This upcycling process creates a new circular connected good, as re-purposing the garment or using its materials to create a new product based on the physical/digital design, retains the blockchain data of all NFT utilities usage data of the original good. Creating an ongoing circular connection of provenance, authenticity, ownership and experience of sustainable fashion ongoing.

Overall, the value of sustainable circular fashion lies in its ability to create a more responsible and sustainable fashion industry that has a minimal impact on the environment and promotes social and economic well-being. Let’s do this together with in partnership, reach out to us for collaboration in creating truly circular connected fashion.