360 Circular Connected Real-World Goods with Enhanced Product Engagement Experiences CreatedBy_You! </>_

Creators & brands can now generate a truly 360° Circular Connected Good with enhanced “Product Engagement Experiences” for each individual produced good, bridging the physical/digital & sustainability/circularity realms.

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Discover how CreatedBy_ can take you into the connected future.

Protect & secure authentication of goods, assets, & collectibles to eliminate counterfeiting & theft

Prevent counterfeiting and fraud with a multi-layer approach to authentication.

    Engage your customers with personalized storytelling – directly through your products with rich media experiences

    • Share product design process, craftsmanship, manufacturing journey, & sustainability story
    • Provide after-sale services on care, repair, resale, upcycling, & recycling

    Activate experiences & interact with consumers at every stage of your product journey

    • Unlocking rewards & loyalty programs, tickets, exclusive content, events, proof of attendance & more
    • Build customer retention & engagement with AR/VR, gaming, messaging, live chats, videos and metaverse experiences

    Comply with upcoming EU product passport ID regulation & share your sustainability reports

    • Connect your product & material data, manufacturers, certifications, & more, for your customers and partners.

    Pre-program your goods with product care, repair, resale, upcycling & recycling

    • Connected goods provide advanced customer service programming during custom lifecycle and end of lifecycle sustainability options

    Capture user product engagement experiences for rich AI data analytics

    • Receive real-time data of each and every connected good providing valuable insights and metrics on engagement by customers and friends

    Building The Future Connected – CreatedBy_ You!