Empowering brands, designers, and artists to simply create affordable and secure product authentication, engaging activations, and circular sustainable relationships with consumers and fans throughout their connected product’s lifecycle and beyond

Discover how CreatedBy_ can transform your brand protection, customer engagement, and environmental impact with:

  • Secure authentication of products, goods, and collectibles
  • Create encrypted digital product IDs to eliminate counterfeiting and theft
  • Activates engaging digital utilities and experiences
  • Provides circular sustainable lifecycle programs for upcycling and recycling
  • Engage with consumers at every stage of your product journey unlocking rewards with loyalty programs, tickets, exclusive content, events, and more

All simply from any mobile phone!

Connected Goods Made Simple

With a Simple Tap with your Mobile Phone

The CreatedBy_

Directly from our CreatedBy_ Connect App!

Easy Mobile Encoding, Authentication, and Activation

Getting connected made easy with our mobile app and cloud service to create digital anti-counterfeit certificates of authenticity and ownership for any connected physical and digital good. These cannot be cloned or duplicated and represent the good’s physical and digital identity. Using encryption, we create digital certificates of authenticity, encoded, locked and verified on our tamper proof CreatedBy_ NFC tag, readable and activated with a simple tap with any mobile phone.

Unlock the Power of the CreatedBy_ NFC Tag

  • Encrypted/ Non-Cloning NFC Tag
  • Small in size (22mm)
  • Affixes to most surfaces and fabrics
  • Easy to self-affix with stitching or EF epoxy
  • Made with flexible woven fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Washable and low heat drying
  • Create custom sizes and designs
  • Order directly from our store

Our Connected Goods Ecosystem

  • iPhone & Android CreatedBy_ Connect Apps
  • App Free Mobile Phone Authentication & Activation
  • Supports top level layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Flow, Tezos and more to come
  • Self-Service or Built into Manufacturing
  • Embedded Plug-in/API
  • NFT Utility Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Our Mission: We believe connected physical and digital goods are the future of the modern digital creator economy of Web3, taking goods beyond being collectibles to unlocking the powerful utility of circular connected goods for creators and owners. With the advent of blockchain, NFTs and their utilities, circular connected goods will be the engine of the new digital economy of community commerce. Through the CreatedBy_ Connect Ecosystem we are building the future connected, CreatedBy_ you!