Enabling Creators & Brands to Generate 360 Circular Connected Real-World Goods with Enhanced Product Engagement Experiences

– Simply from your Mobile Phone

For the first time ever, creators and brands can generate a truly 360° Circular Connected “Product Engagement Experience” for each individual good produced, bridging the physical and digital: Materials > Sustainable Production > Connected Good #1 (with tokenized digital twin) > Retail > Sale > Customer Lifecycle #1 > Resale > Customer Lifecycle #2 > Upcycle > Connected Good #2 (inheriting original token data) > Recycle

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Discover how CreatedBy_ can take you into the connected future.

Protect & secure authentication of goods, assets, & collectibles to eliminate counterfeiting & theft

Prevent counterfeiting and fraud with a multi-layer approach to authentication.

Engage your customers with personalized storytelling – directly through your products with rich media experiences

  • Share product design process, craftsmanship, manufacturing journey, & sustainability story
  • Provide after-sale services on care, repair, resale, upcycling, & recycling

Activate experiences & interact with consumers at every stage of your product journey

  • Unlocking rewards & loyalty programs, tickets, exclusive content, events, proof of attendance & more
  • Build customer retention & engagement with AR/VR, gaming, messaging, live chats, videos and metaverse experiences

Comply with upcoming EU product passport ID regulation & share your sustainability reports

  • Connect your product & material data, manufacturers, certifications, & more, for your customers and partners.

Pre-program your goods with product care, repair, resale, upcycling & recycling

  • Connected goods provide advanced customer service programming during custom lifecycle and end of lifecycle sustainability options

Capture user product engagement experiences for rich AI data analytics

  • Receive real-time data of each and every connected good providing valuable insights and metrics on engagement by customers and friends

Connected Goods Made Simple Directly From Your Mobile Phone

With a simple tap onto a CreatedBy_NFC Tag within seconds

  • Encode/Encrypt tokenized digital twin blockchain data
  • Add additional engaging user activations & deep storytelling with rich media

All directly from your mobile phone with the CreatedBy_ Connect App

Whether you are generating 1 or 1000s Of Connected Goods, Our DIY Self-Service App is the only of its kind.

Encrypted & Secure Connected Goods

Getting connected made easy with our mobile app and cloud service to create digital anti-counterfeit certificates of authenticity and ownership for any connected physical and digital good. These cannot be cloned or duplicated and represent the good’s physical and digital identity. Using encryption, we create digital certificates of authenticity, encoded, locked and verified on our tamper proof CreatedBy_ NFC tag, readable and activated with a simple tap with any mobile phone.

CreatedBy_ we are building the future connected, CreatedBy_ you!