Case Study – ReThink Fabrics X DCRBN X CreatedBy_

About The Billion Bottle Challenge

Showcasing the Future of Fashion Sustainability at CES 2024 with NFC Connected Apparel with Rethink Fabrics & DCRBN to showcase the power of Connected Goods with the #BillionBottleChallenge of Recycling Plastics into Apparel with Circular Connected Product Engagement Experiences Powered By CreatedBy_ Connect and NFC Tags.

With the rise in demand for sustainable fashion and need for eliminating plastic use, this collaboration with Rethink Fabrics provides a vital key for truly intentional purchases. Rethink Fabrics’ mission is to divert plastics from landfills and the ocean, reduce greenhouse gases and water usage, and create innovative, quality apparel and T-shirts made from recycled plastic waste – a goal of repurposing a billion plastic bottles into sustainable wearable designs.

CreatedBy_ will provide the “Tech Layer” of connecting the physical T-shirts to a tokenized digital twins and encoded on CreatedBy_ NFC Tags, which once affixed to each T-shirt can be activated by any mobile phone to launch the authentication and product engagement experience. It’s time to elevate sustainable fashion into the future, which includes additional storytelling links for sharing a designer’s product development process, craftsmanship, manufacturing journey, and sustainability goals, as well as, provide after-sale services on care, repair, resale, upcycling, and recycling. This means creating a truly 360-connected experience for both the creator and owner.

Case Study Background

Tokenized Billion Bottle Challenge Video to ReThink Fabrics T-Shirts
Create NFT and collectible for the founding members of the Billion Bottle Challenge
CES 2024

About DCRBN: A venture studio and web3 launchpad helping visionary founders and potentially disruptive startups get ISO-certified as carbon neutral, and scale with our domain expertise in fundraising, go-to-market strategy, growth hacking, partnerships, tokenomics, visibility, sustainability and product development. We are helping create the future we want to live in and pass down to future generations.

About Rethink Fabrics: Since 2008, Rethink Fabrics has been redefining the standard for producing high quality garments with the environment in mind. Our story begins with a bottle count of each garment. Rethink manufactures and distributes apparel produced entirely from recycle plastic bottles. By exclusively focusing on recycled plastic waste as a valuable resource in the manufacturing process, Rethink is creating quality clothes from what most consider trash. We sell to a variety of customers, including wholesale and retail. Our garments are offered branded and co-branded. Our goal is to promote recycling in the mainstream by re-purposing plastic waste into a t-shirt.

Case Study – CineBlock X CreatedBy_

Today, CreatedBy_ the innovative platform for circular sustainable connected fashion, film, and art, announces the first-ever connected digital twin for iconic film props, starting with CineBlock and their iconic game set from the movie Malibu Road. Movie memorabilia has significant value and CreatedBy_Connect allows for collectible prop storytelling within their connected activation experiences. Launching today, is the film industry’s solution for casting encrypted iconic movie prop authentication towards increasing value with fan-buyers throughout the props’ lifecycle.

With the rise in film memorabilia becoming a vital part of fan-based purchases and trading, the need for connected goods and authentication to illuminate and combat counterfeiting has been of extreme importance for movie studios. The CreatedBy_ Connect platform solves this problem and also provides 360-circularity for sustainable product tracking and transparency, which adds significant value and trust with both the film producers and prop creators, and the new owners.

How it works: Custom attributes can be added to iconic movie props using the self-service Createdby_ Connect App when encoding and encrypting CreatedBy_ NFC tags to their connected goods, creating the option for a unique experience for each item. The Createdby_ Connect App is available on the Apple App Store and NFC tags can be purchased at CreadtedBy_ store. Finally, creators now have a simple to use connected good platform that can connect brand or product needs, whether it’s connecting one iconic movie prop or thousands.

Case Study Background

Tokenized Malibu Road movie game set
Film fundraising through pre and post sales of tokenized movie props and collectibles.

About CineBlock: CineBlock® is a web3, film-tech software company that is redefining film finance, investing, and monetization for the 21st century. CineBlock® builds simple, productive, user-friendly apps for the film content loving community.

Case Study – Rebecca Bruce X CreatedBy_


CreatedBy_ partnered with designer Rebecca Bruce for her fashion showcase exhibit at Jewels of the Playa – Photography, Art & Fashion of Burning Man, Jan. 14-29 @ Sausalito Center for the Arts.

These connected goods added a new level of interactivity by the viewers of the exhibit but also CreatedBy_ Connect provides both proof of authenticity and ownership of the items once purchased, as well as ongoing re-sell royalties of 10% to the designer from secondary market sales.

For the exhibit, 8 accessory items were selected by the designer from her latest Playa Collection. Minted on OpenSea to create Digital NFTs and encoded directly onto CreatedBy_ Connect NFC tags. Hand sewn to each physical item, making the digital and physical item truly connected.

Case Study Background

Items Connected:

Minting Blockchain:

NFT Marketplace:

NFT Utility:
Proof of ownership
Re-sale Royalties

NFC Tag:

About Rebecca Bruce

Bay Area designer Rebecca Bruce has dazzled fashion connoisseurs since 1986 with her acclaimed ready-to-wear collections from the Bekke, innovative essentials line and the Rebecca Bruce signature collection. Designs from these collections embrace texture via imported fabrics including embroidered nylon net, knit mohair, cashmere or hand agitated wool.

Rebecca draws upon these works for her newest collection of timeless, one of a kind gowns that infuse elegance with a theatrical edge. Her evocative artistry shines through each piece, handcrafted using draping techniques, repurposed vintage materials and unexpected adornments to create a one of a kind experience journeying into a new realm of self-expression.

Rebecca’s work has been showcased in film, on CNN, at SFMOMA’s ModernArt Ball and California’s Top Ten Designers Fusion Show in L.A. Including publications, The San Francisco Chronicle, Essence, W and Elle.