CreatedBy_ DAO

CreatedBy_ DAO and SPL Token $CREATEDBY
The CreatedBy DAO launched May 2022 on Relms and is comprised of both a Council and Community Mint for governance and treasury.

A key driver of value within the CreatedBy_ ecosystem is $CREATEDBY — the monetary reward system delivered via well-balanced economics, supported by both the platform and blockchain mechanics. $CREATEDBY is the fuel of the CreatedBy_ economy, enabling creators to operate (DAO voting system) as well as monetary value to be created for rewarding the community members.
$CREATEDBY is the community token, used at each level of the governance, representing financial stake, voting power in CreatedBy DAO and control of the Treasury. A portion of $CREATEDBY may be available for public offer purchase through various stages of the ecosystems development.

Incentives, rewards, community
Anyone who mints NFTs on the CreatedBy_ ecosystem will earn $CREATEDBY tokens. The distribution of tokens will also take place to reward users performing tasks or stimulating the growth of the community. Ownership of $CREATEDBY will allow for influencing decision making of the CreatedBy_ development roadmap, platform economics, events schedules and peer invitations. The decentralized governance will enhance the community engagement and overall project support.